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For accounting, labor and tax consultations in Myanmar,
please contact Japan Outsourcing Service.

Companies expanding into developing countries has many business opportunities.
Japan Outsourcing Service is a company that provides Japanese-style accounting firm services established for small and medium-sized enterprises expanding into Myanmar.
A Japanese tax accountant qualification holder is stationed in Myanmar and is consulted on accounting, labor and tax affairs at local companies and branches.
In addition, we outsource the management department, such as “accounting agency work including accounting software data input”, “salary calculation”, “tax filing support”, and “social insurance procedure”.
Especially recommended for expatriates who are new to accounting and payroll clerical work.
At the same time, we also provide one-stop support for bilateral tax treaties and international taxation consultations.

Features of Japan Outsourcing Service

Japan Outsourcing Service is such an accounting firm.

Familiar with Myanmar tax affairs!

Wakamatsu, a Japanese tax accountant who has more than 5 years of experience in tax related fields in Myanmar, will solve your tax problems!
In addition, an experienced Myanmar certified public accountant who has excellent bargaining power with the tax office will support tax clearance.

Supports a wide range of companies from small and medium-sized companies to large companies!

Tsuchiya, an accounting specialist with decades of experience in global manufacturers, foreign-affiliated and Japanese factories, solves your corporate and factory accounting concerns!
Please order a factory accounting system start-up consultation, internal control audit, etc.

Help to the end!

A one-stop service that solves all management problems.From detailed tax affairs to tax-saving measures, we will support our customers in a friendly manner.
In addition, since we can cooperate with the Japanese office, we also accept consultations on domestic tax accounting in Japan and international taxation.

We support these issues

Yuko Wakamatsu – Yangon Director / Tax Accountant

Born in Ehime prefecture, Japan. Resident in Yangon since 2014. Specializes in taxation such as international taxation, public interest corporations, and business revitalization. She enjoy doing zazen.

Takashi Tsuchiya – Deputy Director of Yangon

Born in Shizuoka, Japan. Over 10 years of experience in accounting and finance of factories in Japan, USA, Hungary, Germany, Hong Kong, China, etc.

Naomi Hara – Representative tax accountant

Born in Yamaguchi, Japan. Representative of “Hara & Accounting Partners”. She has published many books.